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v0.1.3 - The “Stuff Loads Better” Release

It’s that time again! A new damus release. This one fixes a bunch of annoying issues such as profiles not loading properly in some situations. We also do a much better job at caching profile pictures, so no more weird poppyness and wasting your cell data.

If you’re not on the testflight already, you can get it here:

Damus TestFlight

This was the last release before lightning support, so next version will be exciting!!

Anyways, here’s the full changlog!

# Added

     - Support kind 42 chat messages (ArcadeCity).
     - Friend icons next to names on some views. Check is friend. Arrows are friend-of-friends
     - Load chat view first if content contains #chat
     - Cancel button on search box
     - Added profile picture cache
     - Multiline DM messages

# Changed

     - #hashtags now use the `t` tag instead of `hashtag`
     - Clicking a chatroom quote reply will now expand it instead of jumping to it
     - Clicking on a note will now always scroll it to the bottom
     - Check note ids and signatures on every note
     - use bech32 ids everywhere
     - Don't animate scroll in chat view
     - Post button is not shown if the content is only whitespace

# Fixed

     - Fixed thread loading issue when clicking on boosts
     - Fixed various issues with chatroom view
     - Fix bug where sometimes nested navigation views weren't dismissed when tapping the tab bar
     - Fixed minor carousel spacing issue on homescreen
     - You can now reference users, notes hashtags in DMs
     - Profile pics are now loaded in the background
     - Limit post sizes to max 32,000 as an upper bound sanity limit.
     - Missing profiles are now loaded everywhere
     - No longer parse hashtags in urls
     - Logging out now resets your keypair and actually logs out
     - Copying text in DMs will now copy the decrypted text

Damus TestFlight