I understand, I also understand why people do that. I don’t think that is going to apply here. We are going to see a proliferation of clients (apps) built on nostr and they are going to be superior to legacy web apps for various technical reasons. e.g. Imagine a world where there are 5 social media apps and each app has 10m unique daily active users. If you built that same ecosystem on nostr, then each app would have 50m daily active users. If someone built a 6th social media app on nostr, it would have 50m daily active users at launch. Why would anyone develop legacy web apps ever again? nostr is just a much more connected way to develop web apps. The point being that on nostr there is a single massive user universe and and client merely plugs into that existing userverse (think I coined a term there?). The app developer surrenders proprietary control of user data, but gains instant access to a huge user base. This is very different. It is so foundational. I expect it’s really going to change everything.